Mongering is often attributed to the act of encouraging a particular activity, especially one that causes trouble, promoting something undesirable or discrediting often used in combination. Fear mongering is the act of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue, spreading of frightening and exaggerating rumors of impending danger to purposely arouse fear in order to manipulated the public. It can be accomplished via different media. Nowadays it can be easily done through different popular social media. Many times under the false flag these acts are committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning the blame on a second party. One example of false flag is CIA project code name TP-Ajax in Iran. This easily takes us to the world of .espionage, which is a much more sophisticated subject Every project must consist of three vital points. First is to have a plan, then to create a strategy and then to decide about a tactic. Many tend to fail due to a lack of planning and strategy, building mostly relying solely on tactics. Remember Sun Tzu’s words: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory; tacticswithout strategy is the noise before defeat.” The same applies to cyber warfare and cyber defense. Cyber warfare is a state of daily conflicts. It’s related to the technological environment and cyber security, on the same time cyber conflict encompasses those and much more others security subjects and risk managements. Governments and companies face these cyber wars.every seconds Another thought is that a lot of money can be made from healthy people who believe that they are sick. Pharmaceutical companies sponsor diseases and promote them to physicians and consumers. This is a “Disease Mongering “. Who makes the Medicine, makes the sickness? “Disease awareness” is a marketing strategy, built in clever ways to affect us all by pharmaceutical companies Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s twitter account was blocked since she made certain statements about the origin of the Global Pandemic Covid-19. She and her colleagues appear affiliated with a group founded by Steve Bennon the former advisor to President .Donald Trump Dr. Yan was labeled as a “whistleblower”. She claimed that Covid-19 is “man made virus ” and “not from Nature” – Comments previously made by President

Trump and secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Dr.Yand has claimed that the Virus was made in China and she had the evidence to show us the truth. While having USA and China in a race for a new G5 technology and seeing China one step ahead, China and the US keep fighting for the leadership in the world;having a Chinese tech giant Huawei as a center of their power struggle. Huawei has supplied the largest amount of network equipment for China G5 deployment and also others countries. However, the USA has blacklisted the company accusing it of possessing a national security risk and started lobbying allies to shun Huawei from their G5 Networks claiming they were all spies. At the same time, Huawei denies this accusation and many people in China and the world see this actions as part of the USA’s efforts to curb the rise of the worlds second largest economy and its economic race more than all. Back to Corona Virus – we came to know Wuhan city in Hubei Province with it’s 11 million size population and as a poli tical, economic, financial, commercial,cultural and educational center in central China, a major hub for transportation, the Chicago of China and one of the first cities to implement the G5. When you read a book “The Plague” by Albert Camus publish in 1947 that presents a snapshot of life during epidemic times, it remind us of what we encounter these days: intellectual arrogance, ignorance, evil as we all face death and how it effects society. In this book it is described how doctors and scientists .are in conflicts with governments and leadership During this hectic times we can see similarities described in Camus’s book like broken trust, splits and conflicts, many different opinions and how leadership around the world fails to respond in a constructive way, leading to riots and .protests For me this is the biggest terror attack. Terror means fear and for sure Covid-19 has created the biggest fear attack ever. There was also fear during the Spanish flue in the 20st century, but only Covid-19 was armed with the best public relation and marketing team. Every day the world faces more death from smoking but law does not prohibit smoking. Government seems to care about our health only if it’s ,Covid-19 related but does not care if it’s related to smoking, drinking, drugs

driving, food etc. Why Covid-19? Are we in a Third world War, digital war, and cyber and media war? Who earns and who will earn from this situation? As a former army and counter terror specialist, I can say that every country has a protection plan against biological war. Failing to deal with Covid-19 in a proper way, makes us all wonder ,is this maybe a part of a bigger plan and ?strategy while Covid-19 is merely a tactic