The Balkans

The Balkan has long history and cloture that even living here its not easy understand yet all as carry back years of history

The Balkan mean mountain and its amazing mountains with breath taking view to travel at Serbia , my first visit in Yugoslavia  was  with Israeli National Rugby team to play against Partizn and we found most strong warriors stand in front of us and after won they open their big heart hug and been most friendly human we could meet great hospitality and no limits friendship make you part of their family

my next travel was during the war and than on all others visits it was already Serbia and not Yugoslavia and years of visiting in amazing Serbia with top warriors that carry to Partizans warriors against Nazi and on same time most hospitality and family and peacefully , and from that moment visiting Serbia for years met my wife and Belgrade become my home so write on my home and introduce on my Column Sensei on the Road is honor.

My first seminar was organized like all my work in Serbia by Sensei Igor Sucevic  a life time martial artist that start with Judo Karate Wing Tsun followed into BJJ Jiujutsu MMA FMA with Guro Dan Inosento and many many great teachers By the years. Igor bring to Serbia top Martial artist for many years and set workshops and Im happy also and honor be one of them before we set team and work on one team for years including bring MMA and UFC legend Carlos Newton the Ronin and also Igor took him around Serbia to more Balkans countries. serbian are natural born athletic ,The people of the Dinaric Alps are on record as being the tallest in the world, with an average adolescent height of 185.6 cm (6 ft 1.1 in). The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina have the highest recorded average of any single country, with 183.9 cm average for men and 172.72 cm for women , Serbia world legend Tennis Player Novak Djokovic born in Yugoslavia and grown during the war into lead dominated sport player Tennis and been national hero at Serbia

Water Polo and football and Hand ball and many sports we can see Serbians lead world wide and play professionally and when I start teach in Serbia Martial arts I always said that here be easy make MMA UFC Champions and body type and Im sure we will see soon Combat sports champions by many coming from Serbia

Belgrade is nominated best city as a live by Lonley Planet – Outspoken, adventurous, proud and audacious: Belgrade (‘White City’) is by no means a ‘pretty’ capital, but its gritty exuberance makes it one of Europe’s most happening cities. While it hurtles towards a brighter future, its chaotic past unfolds before your eyes: socialist blocks are squeezed between art nouveau masterpieces, and remnants of the Habsburg legacy contrast with Ottoman relics and socialist modernist monoliths. This is where the Sava and Danube Rivers kiss, an old-world culture that at once evokes time-capsuled communist-era Yugoslavia and new-world, EU-contending cradle of cool.

Grandiose coffee houses and smoky dives pepper Knez Mihailova, a lively pedestrian boulevard flanked by historical buildings all the way to the ancient Belgrade Fortress. The riverside Savamala quarter has gone from ruin to resurrection, and is the city’s creative headquarters (for now). Deeper in Belgrade’s bowels are museums guarding the cultural, religious and military heritage of the country.

The Darina river is the longest in the Dinaric Alps and split Bosnia and Serbia The Sava and Danube met in front of Belgrade and make any wish to come true by Serbian say.

teaching Seminars and class in this amazing country as also teaching special forces of Serbia and Gandramare making me honor work with such caliber warriors and also work with sports MMA BJJ and Kapap Krav Maga team under Igor as also I always host Students coming from all over world here , Mexico , India and Even Israeli team that all been in Army and wars but got to visit out team here and study fire arm and combat at Grom Academy with Zeljko Vucic and Aleksander Punos and my self and also to host Sifu Sapir Tal South Mantis Kog Fu teaching here on Spikey and Kong Fun and share knowledge with out Serbian team and I happy as see Israeli and Serbian team together and my friendship to gorw and Share knowlage as always I said KAPAP is a bridge in between system and human and we welcome all to visit s at Serbia the home of Sensei on Road