Shooting as self-defense

Avi Nardia Academy – Shooting as self-defense 

” There is a tremendous difference between shooting methods that work well when you`re simply trying to put holes in the Target and those that work well when the target is trying to put holes in You ” . Col Rex Applegate 

Tactical  or operational shooting can claim their methods as Practical based on actual and practical performance, as they have been developed and upgraded over years of experience. Each day, we keep progressing on the field of Firearms, same as the Hand to hand. The Instinctive shooting method has distinct advantage that has proved itself highly effectively, time after time.
The guiding principle of the Instinctive shooting method is to quickly neutralize the threat in the simplest and most instinctive and natural way possible.

To achieve its high effectiveness, the tactical shooting method integrates: aggressiveness, determination, speed and accuracy. Stress and CHAOS as noise, rough vision conditions, fear and confusion, all factor and are introduced into the training  regime, in order to accustom trainees to the typical pressures associated with actual events. It has become the preferred choice of many professional agencies around the world, due to its simplicity which is based on the instinctive reaction to stimulus which occurs under stress. This training  Instruction will take you step by step to achieve superior handgun and rifle skills for rapid reaction in changing conditions.

We are dedicated to presenting professional firearms combat and tactical concepts with hand to hand situations and close-quarter situations that will prepare law Enforcement officers, first responders, armed professionals and civilians to prevail in deadly force confrontations by providing advanced Tactical Training and customized Anti-terrorism practical solutions.

The ICPS AKA the “Instinctive Combat method of Point Shooting is often regarded as a shooting style, when it is in fact a small percentage of what makes this method unique and extremely effective. The ICPS initial form was adapted from the FSA (Fairbairn, Sykes and Applegate) Point Shooting method, based on the shooter Instinctive reactions and Kinematics to quickly engage close range targets.

The major contributed change to ICPS occurred in the late months of 1974 with the establishment of the YAMAM , the first Israeli Police unit, fully dedicated to Counter Terrorism. Because of its specialty in Counter Terrorism, hostage rescue and extreme violent crime, the unit operateres in actual conflicts particularly in highly populated urban environments. This vast experience enabled the unit to develop comprehensive small arms training doctrines that were so effective, reliable and user friendly, it was generally accepted by all armed branches of the Israeli security forces such as the Secret Service (Shin Bet), Elite IDF Units, Israeli National Police , Border Police and other Intelligence and Counter Terrorism units.

Regarded as a Tactical Response and not as a shooting style, it incorporates all the necessary progressive battlefield tactical thinking, molded into a set of Instinctive actions and reactions for the operator. The Instinctive shooting method is radically different from other combat techniques; success is based on actual performance, not as score and more whether one survives a real gun fight.

The ICPS has the distinct advantage of proving itself effective time after time, probably more than any other method. It is literally practiced and perfected during daily performance by its core users. The guiding principle of the ICPS is to neutralize the threat in the quickest way possible, using the natural Instincts inherent in every human. Aggressiveness, determination and speed are integral elements of the ICPS method and proper mindset is heavily stressed.

Stress and pressure (High adrenaline levels) are introduced in the advanced stages of the training, in order to accustom trainees to pressure associated with actual events. This approach is especially geared towards deadly force on force situations rather than shooting competitions, where often times techniques which brings high levels of accuracy on the range, often fail under real life stress. 

This very same system has been taught to thousands of civilians from all walks of life around the world with great success rates in actual performance. The ICPS method has proved itself through experience, time after time to be well suited for the private citizen as well as to the Law Enforcement officer and the Combat soldier.  

Key advantages for learning ICPS:

·         Simple and easy to learn.
·         Involves Military and operational strategic thinking
·         Enhances body mechanics and muscle memory
·         Prepares the practitioner to deal with unexpected situations
·         Fast and useful CQB system
·         Elevates fighting spirit 
·         Elevates self-confidence
·         Incorporates Innovative and unique training methods
·         Applicable to all practitioners regardless of their size, strength, or gender                          
·         Tested under the most demanding conditions by Special Forces operators but also by Civilians